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The constant and rapid improvement in technology, increased digital penetration and ever-changing business needs has resulted into software that be in a state of perpetual development. Agile software development is rapidly becoming standard practice for its value in delivering high-quality software with faster time to market that meet customer needs. Our agile software development practices, such as frequent incremental deliveries, continuous integration, build & deployment, and test automation, reduce risk and rework cost while meeting business objectives.

While Agile development is quickly becoming an industry standard in delivering software, the transition to Agile after following other SDLCs for years is not easy. It requires a large cultural shift. Each organization is different based on the processes they have been following until now. PrideVel with its years of experience in Agile coaching can guide you through the transformation.

Service offerings

Agile coaching
Continuous development and delivery

Our Agile coaches can help organization transform and scale Agile across organization. Our coaches assess organization’s Agile maturity and provide a clear roadmap to embrace and expedite the Agile journey.

We help organization optimizes systems design, development, automated testing, and operations by eliminating traditional silos. The new vision we put in place with emphasis on collaboration and agility enables customers release software quickly to keep pace with changing customer, market and business needs.

Agile digital ecosystem delivery

Digital projects typically require greater collaboration and have short delivery timelines. Our delivery framework based on Agile principles, design thinking, and lean UI/UX design helps organizations achieve higher ROI on their digital investment. We demo product at the end of every sprint and then take it to end users for testing and feedback. With this approach our software when delivered meets our customers and their customers’ requirements.

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