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POSITION : Blockchain Developer

Current Date : 

EXPERIENCE : 1-3 years



As a Blockchain Application lead/developer, you will directly work with business users and clients to develop dApps that meet their requirements. Working with the customer, you will define the scope and vision for applications that deliver blockchain solutions using Ethereum 2.0 and sidechains.


Requirement :

The candidate must have around 1-3 years of blockchain experience working with Ethereum Mainnet, layer 2 chains, Dex, and other crypto currency protocols. The candidate must have hands on experience with development and release of Defi apps, dApps on at least one of the leading blockchain/sidechain platforms.


Required technical skills

  • node, solidity, truffle, hardhat

  • Experience with Blockchain Technologies - Solidity, Integration with Dex such as uniswap etc, integration with yield farming protocols such as aave etc.

  • UI frameworks like Reactjs, Angular

  • Experience in writing smart contracts for large scale blockchain solutions

  • Full-stack development

  • AWS, GCP or Azure experience preferred

  • Experience with NFTs preferred

Responsibility : The candidate will be responsible for development of blockchain applications, smart contracts creations, and development of dApps.

JOB LOCATION : Mumbai, Maharashtra

CONTACT :  Send resume to:


Ref# 240943
Pridevel Consulting, LLC
1755 Park Street, Ste. 200
Naperville, IL 60563

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