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One of the biggest challenges faced by the hospitality industry is to how to seamless and non-intrusively direct communication towards its guests. PrideVel, in partnership with Nevotek, solves this problem by offering an integrated guest experience, while also creating marketing and revenue generating opportunities for the hotel.

Integrated Guest Experience

In room amenities, are surveyed to be the #3 most important factor in selecting a hotel. Nevotek offers the guest a complete one-point access to most of what a guest needs at a hotel. We link their personal devices, their hotel voicemails, wakeup calls, room service items, their bill, and allow them to request a valet or self check out from their TV or mobile devices. It is even feasible to have room controls, or allow guests unlock their room doors using a Nevotek mobile application as well as devices like Amazon Echo & Google Home (integrated with everything else).

Marketing Opportunities

Once guests check into their rooms, they are disconnected from the communication channel of the hotel. Knowledge about events such as Tournaments and Jackpots – which may have otherwise enticed the guest to visit the casino floor- are left to chance. Nevotek helps bridge this gap by listing all the amenities, attractions and events some place hard to miss - on the guests’ TV screens, their CISCO phones, and their mobile devices. Room service menus generate additional revenue as the ability to order via an automated system has shown to increase purchase behavior by up to 15%.
The solution integrates with all Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) and has the capability to deliver the following guest services on a combination of devices:
  • TV channels integration with Satellite/Cable providers/Mirroring for guest’s own content

  • Integration with room environment control system vendors (lighting/HVAC/curtains etc.)

  • Wi-Fi/Internet access management & billing – tiered billing and limit number of guest devices

  • F&B Room service ordering

  • Interactive Concierge Service (Hotel Guide/City Guide/Weather/News/Airline Schedules

  • Valet service

  • Makeup room/Housekeeping requests (Bed sheets, Pillows, Towels, Soap, Toothbrush, Razor etc.)

  • Wakeup calls/reminders/DND

  • Voicemail/Group Messaging/Group Promotions via voicemails

  • Multi-language support and language selection by guest

  • View Bill/Express checkout


VIP Connect

VIP connect is a proven IP telephony solution. VIP connect offer services like Voice mail and messaging system for guests and employees, high-speed internet access, self-service conference calls, in-room environment controls, Fire and Emergency alarm notifications as integrated with various RMS.



Nemo is a hotel software for mobile devices. Guests can manage services such as - order room service, shop from the hotel gift shop, and utilize their in-room TV, lights, climate, and curtains through their tablets and mobile phones. Nemo is a powerful marketing tool that will increase your Hotel’s revenue.



NevoTV is an interactive IPTV application with TV and video streaming and various integrated value-added services for Hotels. It enhances guest in-room experience with variety of Video and Internet Radio choices, Services like in room ordering, wakeup, DND, view bill, city guides, flights info, weather.



NevoAssist is a voice activated personal assistant which allow guests to access and use services just by speaking. Like; housekeeping requests get me a towel, clean my room, close curtain, turns on the TV, set the alarm for 7am tomorrow. NevoAssist can help you with directions as well, if you need guidance to go to SPA, simply ask her “How to get to the SPA.



Unilink is an internet access and billing solution for the hospitality markets. It enables you to provide wired or wireless internet connection to your guests at locations within your hotel and charge them accordingly.


Nevo Cast

Enable your guests to enjoy their personal content on room TVs Guests can watch their photos, videos and also enjoy the content provided by popular applications Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and many others. With NevoCAST, each hotel room will have a designated private network so the guests can cast only to their own room TV. 

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