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Nemo is an interactive hotel software for mobile devices. Nemo is designed to provide entertainment and comfort to hotel guests for an enjoyable and memorable stay. Guests can look up information regarding nearby facilities, send reservation/booking requests for concierge services, order room service, shop from the hotel gift shop, and utilize their in-room TV, lights, climate, and curtains through their tablets and mobile phones. Nemo can be branded for your hotel and customized for the services the hotel offers.


Key benefits offered by Nemo are,

  • Increased guest comfort and satisfaction

  • Real time communication between the hotel and guest

  • Seamless integration with other systems

  • Powerful marketing tool

  • Efficient request management

  • Increased profitability

Key features

Enhanced guest experience

Nemo offers an enhanced guest experience through custom-built mobile hotel apps, which can work both on guests’ personal devices and room-based hotel devices

  • Platform: Both iOS and Android tablets and mobile devices are supported

  • Elegant Design : Easy and intuitive use, responsive design and seamless real-time content update

  • Multilingual : Nemo cares about your global guests


Nemo can interact with the hotel’s IPTV system for an enhanced TV experience through its well-designed mobile remote control services. Nemo has a unique interface for TV, video-on-demand and online radio to maximize in-room entertainment for your guests with an easy to use mobile App.

  • TV Interface : TV Channels, menus, and volume are now controlled through the mobile App, eliminating the need for the TV remote control

  • Video-On-Demand : A list of movies and descriptions, trailers, on demand options, and TV controls are all accessible through Nemo’s user friendly mobile App

  • Internet Radio : Extensive radio lists with categories where guests can tune into their favorite stations


Hotels can publish any kind of information regarding their hotel and the city they are located in, while increasing the familiarity of the hotel services through Nemo mobile channel. Nemo also provides online news and weather forecasts with real time updates.

  • Hotel Guide : Room facilities, Restaurant/Cafe menus, SPA/Kids services, Activities, Sports, Tours, and much more

  • City Guide : Restaurants, City Attractions, Shopping, Public Transportation, and any information that the hotel wishes to display on the maps

  • Online News and Weather : Various categorized news feeds and online weather forecasts for all cities around the world. This can be customized by the guest to focus on certain regions


Hotel guests can easily monitor and adjust lights, temperature and curtains in the room for their comfort, view door camera and send “Do Not Disturb” and “Make Up Room” requests through Nemo interface as integrated with various Building Management Systems.

  • Room Control – Lights, temperature, fan speed, heating mode, curtains and blinds are all controlled through Nemo

  • DND and MUR – DND and MUR requests are directly communicated to the hotel staff and displayed on the staff panel

  • Door Camera – Nemo can control the IPTV for viewing the door camera with one touch


Hotel guests can easily select products and give orders for in-room dining, amenities, shop from hotel gift shops, while the cost is automatically posted to the guest folio. Nemo, as a mobile channel, increases your revenues for ordering services.

  • Room Service : Real-time updated room service menu and prices for in-room dinning orders

  • Shopping : Increased efficiency for marketing of shopping services and increased revenue

  • Amenities : Guests can also request free hotel services and amenities through Nemo


Guests can easily navigate, request information, and make reservations for hotel offerings. Guests can also submit requests for hotel suggestions for what to do around the city, and the hotel can send responses back to the guests through Nemo’s messaging system.

  • City Guide : Restaurants, shopping and transportation options, city attractions and many other suggestions from the hotel are displayed on the maps

  • Call Back Requests : For services or suggestions, guests can request a call back from the hotel

  • Reservations/Booking : For restaurants, SPAs, tours, car rentals, taxies and many other services, guests can book and reserve using Nemo’s messaging system


Hotels can either send messages to the in-house guests during their stay or they can send promotional messages to the guests before arrival and after check-out. Moreover Nemo can be used very effectively for receiving guest feedback through the surveys published on the Nemo reporting tool.

  • In-house Messages : Hotel messages sent through PMS or voicemails received on IP telephony system are communicated to the guests through Nemo

  • Promotional Messages : Hotels can send messages promoting their services, discounts, and specialties to the guests at any time

  • Surveys : Hotels can publish surveys with flexible queries to the guests in order to get their feedback regarding the hotel services

And much more…

Nemo has additional features for hotel services and management, and uses an open architecture for future requirements and development

  • More Hotel Services : Wakeup, View Bill, Quick CO, Social media links…

  • Multi Hotel support : Designed with multi-hotel support where hotel chains are able to use a single app for all properties

  • Content/Request Management : Web based content and request management tools for increased management efficiency

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