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PrideVel SAP HANA TDI service

The PrideVel SAP HANA TDI program is designed with over 20 years of SAP partner experience and providing global SAP customers with technical and business benefit solutions. The program is supported by over 10 years of Cisco services partner experience. This program has been designed, approved by the Cisco SAP HANA Team. It has further been tested in the field. Our offer today is a proven methodology that has been tried, tested and resulted in clear wins for SAP HANA TDI solution offerings.

Apart from SAP HANA "all-in-one" appliance box, SAP also offers an additional delivery approach for SAP HANA - SAP HANA tailored data center integration. HANA TDI provides customers with more flexibility and choices for HANA hardware infrastructure. With HANA TDI, customers can choose their preferred hardware vendors and infrastructure components from a menu of supported SAP HANA hardware HANA TDI can significantly lower the costs and allow for easier integration of SAP HANA into customers’ data center.

PrideVel SAP HANA TDI-1 support

PrideVel offers following plans that make easy for the Cisco channel partners to sell as well as for end customers purchase.

TDI total build and validate support

This is the most comprehensive TDI support. It is designed for customers that understand that HANA is a new platform and that it comes with its own unique complexities that require SAP and Cisco TDI certified resources to be seamlessly successful. They also understand that new technologies cannot be deployed by traditional methods and that HANA needs special installation for technology excellence. This is a custom offer needs to be that has to be scoped out on a case by case basis.

TDI safe passage support

This is the second best TDI support option. It is designed for customers who want to do the TDI by themselves and yet understand that they will need certain degree of hand-holding. This is a pre-bundled offer with a fixed time and price option. It comes with fixed time and service options.

TDI  angel support

This is the last support option. It is designed for customer who want to do the TDI by themselves, think they will not need support but feel they might. This is again a pre-bundled offer that comes with a fixed time and service option. It comes in two flavors. Pre-production support for TDI and then post production basis support.

PrideVel SAP HANA TDI-2 support

This program is designed exclusively for Cisco Channel partners that sign into the PrideVel SAP HANA Joint GTM strategic support services program.

SAP services

Step 1 of the process is to identify SAP customers in your portfolio. This is followed by identifying, prioritizing and then performing a structured approach to the sales motion that has been matured to perfection.

GTM add-ons

This include customized HANA 101 training for sales, custom HANA handouts and e-brochures that are part of this program and a joint GTM planning for a harmonized sales motion across the channel partner global environment.

Time to deploy

This support solution can be deployed in as little as one week from initial discussions and not more than 15 working days to launch.

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